Tracey Porpora has been on the forefront of covering the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and its impact on New Yorkers — small business owners in particular. During this time her new business column, “New Businesses in Focus,” switched gears to focus on how individuals business owners reinvented their services and offerings during the pandemic. The new column was dubbed “Staten Island Business Strong,” In addition, her series “Life Upended,” focuses on the stories of those who have been thrust into situations that were unimaginable just a few months before the pandemic began — those who have seen their life completely upended.


Life Upended: With her business closed, single mom fears losing everything

Life Upended: ‘I might have to retire with no money,’ says business owner, 77

Life Upended: ‘I have 3,000 dresses and no buyers’

Life Upended: Laid off for the first time at age 62

Life Upended: With clients gone, single mom takes job shopping for senior citizens

Life Upended: Despite ovarian cancer diagnosis amid coronavirus crisis, nail salon owner to open Monday

Life Upended: Left destitute, single mom focuses on helping others

Life Upended: Comic shop owner is driven by memory of her late partner

Life Upended: 58-year-old forced to shutter new business, then mom gets coronavirus

Life Upended: Jewelry store owner trying not to give up

Life Upended: With gyms still unable to open, dojo owner on brink of ruin

Life Upended: With live concerts banned, musician struggles for survival

Life Upended: In fight to survive, gym owner launches auto business

Life Upended: No opening date in sight for devastated owner of adult day care center


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As NY state reopens, I found a new normal away from NYC

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Huguenot family opens home to heroic nurse who was sleeping in car

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U.S. Army vet, 82, beats coronavirus: ‘I can’t believe I got another chance’

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Worker at Staten Island Amazon facility dies of coronavirus

Exclusive: S.I. Amazon confirms yet more coronavirus cases

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Exclusive: As NY state reopens, I found a new normal away from NYC

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